Beautiful turf grass always starts with the proper grass seed. That is why at Tuff Turf Growers, we use the highest quality seed available, and continually upgrade as seed technology and quality continue to improve.

We are extremely happy with our newest seed blend that we will begin harvest with in 2021.

Our Turf

Turf Grass Services:

  • Curb Side Pickup
  • Delivery
  • Pallet pick up service
  • Installation

No order is too big or too small. Come pick up your sod from our office location on beautiful Valley Road. 

Do not worry, you will not need to lift a finger as we will load your order for you. Small orders will be handloaded into your vehicle and larger orders will be loaded by an experienced forklift operator.

*24 hours notice required for pickup

Harvested fresh and delivered the same day. 

Order a bag of fertilizer, a lawn roller, or a sod knife, and have it delivered with your turf to help you during and after the installation of your new lawn. 

*3-4 days notice is recommended for delivery

At Tuff Turf we strive to limit our environmental impact by reusing our pallets. Once you have your turf installed, we would like you to relax, enjoy your new grass, and not worry about what to do with the pallets. A Tuff Turf representative will be by to pick up your pallets for you. Getting to see your new lawn is just an added benefit we enjoy.
Pallet Pick Up Service
If you do not want to install your new turf yourself, our turf experts are happy to do it for you! With years of experience, our installers will get the job done fast, affordable, and efficient. Remember – we offer free estimates to residents within Saskatoon!
Turf Edging Knives

Our 2021 Tuff Turf blend consists of 80% Kentucky Blue Grass and 20% Creeping Red Fescue.

Kentucky Blue Grass varieties are made up of:

Fescue Variety:

Kentucky Blue Grass

Characteristics of this seed blend are:

These varieties are in the Midnights, Compacts and Americas family of seed and have been formulated to create a denser, darker green lawn for Saskatchewan’s climate.

What is Sod?

Root System

To further enhance our turfgrass seed variety, we have chosen the fertile valley river bottom to grow our turf. Tuff Turf’s sod is known for its strong and fibrous root system. Strong roots help ensure our turf will transform seamlessly into your new lawn.

We guarantee a minimum of 2-3 years of mature root growth on every roll we harvest.

Root System
Sod Harvest Firefly


When you choose Tuff Turf you can be assured that your sod will be harvested fresh everyday. Our FireFly R300 sod harvester is on the leading edge of sod harvesting technology while lowering environmental impact. Our harvester uses up to 50% less fuel than what some competitors are using. This blue and yellow harvester helps keep the green grass rolling out to our customers.

Small Rolls

Perfect for residential and commercial clients alike. With each roll consisting of 10sqft (5ft long by 2ft wide) our small rolls are easy and efficient to work with. Pallets consist of 640sqft of sod.

Small Sod Rolls
Big sod rolls on truck

Big Rolls

Do you have a large area that needs to be sodded and are looking to lower your time of installation? Our big rolls are the perfect solution for your project. 

Each roll is 3.5ft wide and can have a total of 250sqft-320sqft per roll. We ensure our big rolls are wrapped in biodegradable, environmentally friendly, netting and not the plastic/poly netting that some big rolls are wrapped in.

Big Roll Tips

*To install big rolls, you will need access to a skid steer and our big roll attachment. We loan the big roll attachment for free with a big roll order.

*Sod is a perishable product that is cut to order. To help ensure a healthy lawn, we recommend laying our sod down within 24 hours of delivery.

Please check out our turf tips for further instructions on how to care for your new grass/lawn.

Quality Equipment Rentals

Tuff Turf Growers Ltd. offers a variety of products and equipment for your turf installation and maintenance needs. From our lush Kentucky Blue Grass turf to our premium grass seed and fertilizer, we have everything you need for a fresh, green lawn.

Call us today for a consultation and advice on how to create the perfect lawn!

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*If you’d like the opportunity to become a sod supplier, please inquire by email or contact our office at 306-384-5644.