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We believe each customer deserves the highest quality turf possible, and guarantee the greenest, healthiest lawn in Saskatoon.

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  • Premium Red
  • Premium Black
  • Natural
  • Cedar

Premium red mulch

Premium black mulch

Natural Mulch


Our wood shavings deliver excellent weed suppression, moisture retention, and erosion control. 

100% natural virgin fibres mean VWP’s mulch is eco-friendly. It is not made from salvaged wood pallets or treated wood products that contain toxic chemicals.

Our biodegradable colourant is completely safe for your children and pets since it is low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

These vivid colours will not fade or run. With our unique sapwood-peeling process, the colourant penetrates deeper into the wood fibre, making it unique in the wood shavings industry compared to the less-absorbent heartwood from recycled building products that is used by other manufacturers.

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Rocks and Topsoil

  • River Rock
  • 3/8 Pea Rock
  • Screened Topsoil
  • Screened Garden Mix
  • Play Sand
  • Screened Decomposed Turf

1.5-3” rock with smooth rounded edges. Commonly used for decorative landscaping and surface drainage beds.

River Rock

Commonly known as Pea Gravel.  It is smooth with rounded edges, 3/8″ – 1/2″ in size, and is used most often in playground areas and on pathways. It can be used to accent the perimeters of gardens and lawn areas.

Used for: Playgrounds, Pathways, Garden and Lawn Edges, Drainage, Patios and Dog Runs.

3-8 Inch Pea Rock

Topsoil: Screened to 1/8″ to remove roots and clumps of clay.

Commonly used for final grading of residential and commercial properties in preparation for sod and seed. Great for bedding plants.

Screened Topsoil

A mixture of topsoil and aged composted manure. Good for flower beds and garden plots.

Garden Mix

Masonry / Playground Sand:   Clean natural sand.  A great choice for Playgrounds.  Very Soft/Fine.  Excellent for Masonry, Stucco Sand, Golf Course Top Dressing and Bunker sand.


We compost and screen old turf rolls. This turf compost ends up creating a loam style dirt filled with decayed organics. We have found it to be a good substitute for topsoil.

Sod screened scaps

Premium Grass Seed Blend

 Great for overseeding neglected or underperforming lawns.

Fertilizer - “Not your average fertilizers”


Custom blends available with retail and wholesale pricing.

Custom Blends

We will not use big box store or discounted fertilizers as they are always lacking in multiple nutrients and bolstered with unnecessary fillers. We guarantee our fertilizer applications will have all 5 essential nutrients (N)Nitrogen, (P)Phosphate, (K)Potash, (S)Sulfur, (Fe)Iron and your grass will thank us.

Fertilizer packages: Let us fertilize your lawn for you to help keep your lawn looking just as good as when you first put it down. We offer both a single and yearly fertilizer packages, using only premium fertilizers; please inquire about pricing. 

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Fertilizing Your Lawn

Landscaping Rentals

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A deposit is required for all rentals, and will be reimbursed when you return the undamaged rental supplies.